The Process

The most important part of this space is the process it undergoes to come to existence, the process of conceiving, composing and building. Creating unique objects and adapted situations need to be all prepared carefully in studio and on site.

I place great importance into the slightest details and differences. Each corner or each curve is the result of a step by step process, reflecting on materials, the immediate surrounding and their reciprocity to offer a unique aesthetic composition. What this space gives and triggers in its visitors is of an imperceptible nature, survives through time and space and transforms again into a new energy, moods or feelings.

This may lead to a perpetuation of acts performed within this space, these being unpredictable and dependent on anyone’s own perception, interpretation and imagination.

Through its composition, the Blue Mountain School’s top floor aims to create excitement and motivation, intimacy and personality. A space to rest and reflect. A space to experience and exchange. A space to share but to remain authentic, maintained by the inside play of its elements and the close relation with its visitors.

A space that connects the top with the ground and vice versa the ground with the top. Through the process, the desire to come up with one connected ensemble is fundamental. An interaction with the building and an experience for people to come.