Materials & Execution

All materials are chosen to support a certain feeling when entering and getting acquainted with the space. Whether experiencing the space inside or just throwing a look from the outside, a distinct feeling will arise. Without being able to define it, it is a rewarming and distancing one, a familiar still intriguing feeling. Inside and outside the whole composition the two main materials constitute a visible contrast. Inside, the copper contrasts with charred wood and outside, brass contrasts with the same charred wood.

Another material binding the ensemble is glass shaped in steel frames forming the hallway that connects the staircase to the space. The same element is recurring on the ceiling unveiling the space to the sky and forming a glasshouse that functions as a bathroom. This glass composition extends down to the outside of the building to suggest the interaction with the rest of the building and to embrace the entire construction.
Both inside and outside, the entire space is enclosed within cement floors of a dark tone that smoothly extend to form the elements that constitute this space. The black tone reveals a calm and intimate level on which to stand that converges with white cement walls leading to the ceiling skylight.