A rooftop space imagined for Blue Mountain School’s corner building. This overhanging space is meant for reflection, unique moments and interactive communication. It seeks to trigger a state of excitement, a sensitive response to its aesthetic dimension. Consisting of an inside and an outside area, Blue Mountain School’s top floor outlines an intimate and personal environment which different pieces and layouts point to a pure aesthetic composition. The strength of this composition lies in connecting the parts which constitute the space as if one line was running through, softly defining its contours.

The space functions in an interactive way. Interacting with other elements of the building, it equally interacts with it’s visitors. Anyone entering the space will experience a kind of tension, a specific energy invading the space and impacting it’s surrounding including it’s visitors. This project is like a living system directed by intentions, visions and ideas within. The space is organised after mental activities rather than typical household’s functions. Hence, it creates the appropriate environment to expressively stage different moods and motivations.