Following the part of ‘getting there’, the aim is to combine natural with artificial lines that will express in a fluid composition of directions, levels, functions and intuitions. The curves and levels that dominates the islands human mobility together with its natural given earth coloured patterns and unpredictable energies serve as an inspiration to create a movement that should interact with its guests and that is meant for unique moments and timelessness. Like a continuation of unconscious perception it should create, in a calm and natural way, a state of excitement, a sensitive response to its aesthetic dimension.


materials and details:

Materials are chosen to support a certain feeling when entering and becoming acquainted with the space. Whether experiencing the space inside or just throwing a look from the outside, a distinct feeling shall arise. Without being able to define it, it may be a rewarming and distancing one, a familiar still intriguing feeling.

The materials and details are organized after mental activities rather than only functions. Hence, they create the appropriate environment to expressively stage different moods and motivations.