Following the steps through the upper levels, directed to the the distant open sea, leads to the properties lower level that serves its main grounds to wine and avocado plants. Surrounded by the agriculture and its needs there is an open space to meet and be together in a little less private setting. Constructed with materials and in style of the island there are a pergola on one side and a small bodega on the other. Still remaining personal and in balance with its surrounding this area is a place to meet and spend some time together - a place to let things grow and enjoy the yield - a place for reflection, moods and memories that are inspired by its surrounding and details.



the bodega / wine house:

It can be private, it can work for two people, it can work for a family, and it can work for a group and large parties. It’s probably what can be called the properties most public private space.

The most dominant part for people that will come in is probably the movement that happens. The lines take them through a progression of coming in through the kitchen that opens up into a living space that opens up to the open sea.